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Yeah, I'm lazy

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I have a name for the chick that took over as my main character!


No, the story's still not being told from her POV. Damn it.

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God damn it.

My map got ate. Now I need to remake the damn thing.

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"Sit down," Grem bellowed. "You've cracked three ribs and if you get up again neither I nor anyone else is going to do anything but laugh at you when the willow bark wears off and you're screaming in pain. The most we'll do is stuff a gag in you to shut you up." He turned and almost walked right into Zach. "What do you want? You're fine."

Zach nodded. "I am, but the dragon's not. The landwyrm took a good chunk of skin out of his arm and I can see the sinews. Captain said I should see you."

Grem rubbed the bridge of his nose. "And what did you do before you went and saw Rory? Don't tell me nothing because you idiots can never leave well enough alone."

Zach flushed. "Wrapped it in linen. I'm not a Healer and the wound's beyond my skill but I didn't want it to get infected."

"You used clean linen?"

Zach was offended. "Of course I did!"

Grem shrugged unapologetically. "I never know with you people. What color was the blood?"


Grem handed him a stack of linen. "Then it's fine. Change the dressing every time it's soaked through and come back if the blood starts rusting and turns bright red. Now leave. I have more important injuries to deal with."
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The land of Taraknor was at war. King warred against king, duke against duke, lord against lord. So it had been for as long as written history could tell and so it will be, sages supposed, until the last living thing had died. There were some who claimed the land was cursed for, rarely, a traveler would come into the land of strange dress and speech and they would marvel that the closest thing the land came to peace were the uneasy truces between lords that crumbled at the lightest stress.

Between the Wailing Desert and the Forest of Silence, in the center of Taraknor, lay the largest city, Leki. Leki lay in the center of the Free Zone where no wars were allowed to cross. Leki was the City of Mercenaries and all the guildhalls, large and small, were located there. It was to Leki lords sent their diplomats and to Leki lords went to garner mercs. There was not a standing army in the land that did not have mercs in it, for it was the mercs and the mercs only who had the battle dragons. Some lords had tried to garner battle dragons for themselves, stealing eggs and attempting to bind them with peasant children, but that earned them an immediate black mark from all the merc guilds and, with no merc to fight with their armies, they were soon crushed by their neighbors.

So it had been since the beginning to time. So it will be until time ends.
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The dragon was as tall as two men at the winghump, not counting the bonespike. He could double his hight if he stood fully erect, but had difficulty holding it for a significant length of time. He was better at hulking, using his long tail to balance the weight of his bony, wedge-shaped head. His body was twice as long as he was tall and his tail was as long as his body. He had a row of four large bonespikes starting in the center of the winghump and ending at the base of the tail. His tail ended in a large bony club. His neck was short, thick, and powerfully muscled. He had four bonespikes at the base of his head with a surprisingly tough membrane between them -- two on one side, one top, one bottom, and two on the other. He had a bonespike the size of a man's head on his nose and another half that size on his chin. He legs were thick and short, ending in three bony claws and a small dewclaw. Just before the winghump were the dragon's arms, as long as his legs and powerfully muscled. His three fingered plus thumb hand was capable of fine motor-control, but it was the wristspike that was his most dangerous feature. Almost as long as a man, the wristspike was the dragon's toughest, sharpest bone. The dragon's name was Elcthash and he was a creature of war.

He had, as his caretaker and friend, a boy that had been bound to him since birth. Zach and Elcthash belonged to each other and no one else, although if asked they would say that they were in Third Company of Asi Mercenary Guild, along with the other dragons, and they were Captain Rory's men.
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"What's that you're wearing?"

"It's a dress."

Zach stared at it, confused. "Why? The way it wraps around your legs -- you can't move very fast, can you?"

"Not really, no."

"What's the point of wearing something you can't defend yourself in?"

She looked at him in amazement. "You've never seen a dress before? What do merc women wear?"

Zach was quite confused. "Same things as us men. Why would they wear anything different?"

She smiled. "They never wear something just to look nice?'

Zach frowned. "What do you mean?"

She chuckled. "They never slip into something more comfortable than trousers and a shirt?"

Zach shook his head. "How can what you're wearing be more comfortable than what I'm wearing? You don't even have full range of movement. I certainly wouldn't be more comfortable in that...dress, was it?"

She laughed. "Of course not. You're a man."

Zach was now thoroughly confused. "What does that have to do with anything?"

She threw her hands up in mock exasperation. "Mercenaries, " she said, as if that explained everything.
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Let me venture to introduce myself: I am a vagabond variable, viz., avermifuge against veiled villainy, a vivisection of vermin, avalediction to varletry, a ventilation of venom, a veritable ViaDolorosa of vexation, a vanguard of virtue and a vaunted valentine tovengeance: with verve I vanquish and then vanish like vapor. With thevantage of valor I visit the valleys of shadow to venge and tovindicate, the vigilance of my vendetta becoming the vehicle of yourdeliverance, O virtuous vestal, from these verminous vampires in thisverboten, vesperal vector. And as this velvet vers libre veers close to violet vainglory, I end this vaudeville and beg you to call me V.

...Beats "Test!" don't it?

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